Episode 54: Technology

October 31, 2017

Kenneth Herring chats with John McCulley, Senior Web Developer at Moxley Carmichael, about the future of technoloy. Where we are, where we're going and how it could effect our lives in the future.

Episode 53: Personal Branding for the Salesperson

October 24, 2017

Kenneth, Mendy and Sara Mitchell, a freelance host and reporter, agree creating and selling your personal brand is hard. Yet, once you know where to start Sara says it gets much easier from there.


Episode 52: Growing a Pipeline and Decision Whiplash

October 17, 2017

Kenneth, James and Rachel Buchanan, Director of Economic Development and Blount Partnership, chat about the fun in reaching into new markets and how those last minute changes can really throw off your deal. 

Cirrus Insight Podcast


Episode 51: Career Paths - Where do I go now?

October 10, 2017

Kenneth and Mendy chat with HR specialist/Head Coach at Team Foster, LeeAnn Foster, about the pros and cons of finding navigating your career path, how your company's HR can help and what should we be doing to train up the workforce.

Episode 50: Mismatched Pitches and the Power of Storytelling

October 3, 2017

Kenneth and Mendy listen to the founder of Random Acts of Flowers, Larsen Jay, recount his encounters with poorly matched pitches and awe at his amazing story telling abilities. Cirrus Insight Podcast.


Episode 49: Lead Sharing and Buying Trials

September 26, 2017

Kenneth and James hate buying a long list of leads that may or may not work out. They'd rather buy trials instead. Tune in and find out why! CirrusInsight.com/podcast!

Kenneth Herring - aka Mr#IHateMondays

James Buckley, Director of Business Development

Episode 48: Bad Hires and Rock Star Employees

September 19, 2017

Kenneth and Mendy chat with Brittany Ford and Eric Clemons about the challenges of talent acquisition. What do you do with bad hires, how do you avoid them, and what makes a great employee?

Kenneth Herring - Mr#IHateMondays - Cirrus Insight

Mendy McMurtry-Moseley - SanMar

Guests: Brittany Ford and Eric Clemons

Episode 47: Ghost Numbers and Opportunities that Networking Provides

September 12, 2017

Kenneth chats with Alice Crawley, Center Director for Brain Balance Center, about how ghost figures can stress you out and how networking opportunities can help you rise through the ranks.

Episode 46: Don’t You Remember and Consulting

September 5, 2017

Kenneth, James and Hasseb Qureshi, a local entreprenuer, talk about decision makers who forgot what it's like to be a salesperson and how there is more than one way to add value. 

Cirrus Insight Podcast

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Episode 45: Haters on Social, We Love You and We Hate You

August 29, 2017

Kenneth and James hate spreading negativity on social media, but realize conflict can help you grow as a professional. After all, everyone loves to hate the haters. 

Kenneth Herring and James Buckley - Cirrus Insight

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