Episode 39: Challenge of Sales in Nonprofits

July 18, 2017

Kenneth sits down with Callie Archer and Stephanie Patrick, from Junior Achievement, to explore the challenges they face selling the nonprofit to potential donors. 

Kenneth Herring - aka Mr.#IHateMondays

Callie Archer and Stephanie Patrick want you to come to "The Blind Pig!"

Knoxville Fun Fact: The Real UTK Fight Song


Episode 38: Sales and Marketing: Alignment vs. Synergy

July 11, 2017

Kenneth chats with Steve Chipman, Co Founder and Director of Marketing and Sales for CRM Switch, about the difference between sales and marketing being aware of each vs helping each other.

Kenneth wants to hear your feeback! 

Steve Chipman, CRM Switch - Link to Steve's podcast here!


Episode 37: What happens when you hate your product?

July 5, 2017

Kenneth, James and Tom Gallaher, CEO of Gallaher and Asssociates, discuss the difference loving vs hating your product can do for sales.

Knoxville Fun Fact: The Knoxville Streaking Indient of 1974

Kenneth and James would love to hear your feedback!

Tom Gallaher, Gallaher and Associates



Episode 36: Just pick a da*n time! and Discerning Good Deals

June 27, 2017

Kenneth, James and Daniel Monday, COO of Slamdot, get frustrated when short phone calls become scheduling nightmares, but share how qualifying leads early can make all the difference for your bottom line

Daniel Monday, humble Knoxville server turned COO of Slamdot!

Kenneth and James wanted to share Cirrus Insight's book meetings feature with you! Check it out here!

Knoxville Fun Fact: Dr. Bill Bass and the Body Farm


Episode 35: Unkept Promises and Beautiful Operations

June 20, 2017

Michael McMillian, at Dream CSX, joins Kenneth and James to discuss the ideal relationship between Sales and Dev, as well as making promises you can’t keep.

Guest Starring: Michael McMillian

Kenneth Herring - aka Mr.#IHateMondays

James Buckley - that crazy guy

Quentin Tarantino and Knoxville TN! Who knew? 


Episode 34: Asking the Wrong Question and Company Culture

June 13, 2017

Kenneth, James, and Samantha Brand, Techincal Staffing at TEKsystems share which questions can lose you leads and how to make sure your company has the right culture for you.

Samantha Brand, Techincal Staffing at TEKsystems

Kenneth Herring - aka - Mr.#IHateMondays

James Buckley - Cirrus Insight Podcast



Episode 33: Political Campaigns

June 6, 2017

Find out Brandon and Kenneth's take on the difference between big "P" Politics vs. little "p" projects and why they encourage sales people to run for local office.

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Brandon Bruce - Brandon for City Council

Kenneth Herring - Mr.#IHateMondays


Episode 32: The “Ignored” Factor and Cross Selling

May 23, 2017

Kenneth and James hate feeling ignored, but realize it’s a daily part of being a salesperson. Learn how they deal with it. When they do have a good conversation, one of the best things that can happen for closing a deal is a cross sell.

Clayton Homes!

Kenneth Herring! - Mr.#IHateMondays

James Buckley

Cirrus Insight Podcast


Episode 31: Unspoken Tension and Social Selling

May 16, 2017

Kenneth and James Buckley, Sales Dev. Dir. at Cirrus, hate how decision makers assume all salespeople are a hindrance. Salespeople want to help! They also discuss how close a deal through LinkedIn, instead of getting unfriended.

James Buckley

Kenneth Herring aka Mr.#IHateMondays

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Episode 30: Documentation and Expensing Lunches

May 9, 2017

Brandon and Kenneth think paperwork is the bane of salespeople but a necessary evil, and they share why buying prospects food might be one of the best investments you make.

Knoxville TN - Microbreweries!

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