Episode 48: Bad Hires and Rock Star Employees

September 19, 2017

Kenneth and Mendy chat with Brittany Ford and Eric Clemons about the challenges of talent acquisition. What do you do with bad hires, how do you avoid them, and what makes a great employee?

Kenneth Herring - Mr#IHateMondays - Cirrus Insight

Mendy McMurtry-Moseley - SanMar

Guests: Brittany Ford and Eric Clemons


Episode 47: Ghost Numbers and Opportunities that Networking Provides

September 12, 2017

Kenneth chats with Alice Crawley, Center Director for Brain Balance Center, about how ghost figures can stress you out and how networking opportunities can help you rise through the ranks.


Episode 46: Don’t You Remember and Consulting

September 5, 2017

Kenneth, James and Hasseb Qureshi, a local entreprenuer, talk about decision makers who forgot what it's like to be a salesperson and how there is more than one way to add value. 

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Episode 45: Haters on Social, We Love You and We Hate You

August 29, 2017

Kenneth and James hate spreading negativity on social media, but realize conflict can help you grow as a professional. After all, everyone loves to hate the haters. 

Kenneth Herring and James Buckley - Cirrus Insight

Knoxville Fun Fact: 1901, Outlaw Kid Curry


Episode 44: Making Money and Snacks?

August 22, 2017

Kenneth chats with Erin Slocum and Patrick Hoffman from Knoxville Weekend about their love hate relationship with Sales. Mainly, what do you mean you hate making money and what's so great about sales and snacks? 

Kenneth Herring - Cirrus Insight

Erin Slocum and Patrick Hoffman, Knoxville Weekend

Knoxville Fun Fact: The Sunsphere


Episode 43: Women in Sales!

August 15, 2017

Kenneth and James listen in as Mendy Moseley, a Strategic Accounts Manager at SanMar, talks about her experience in the national/international sales industry. 

Kenneth Herring and James Buckley

Mendy Moseley, SanMar


Episode 42: Know it All’s and Confidence in Sales

August 8, 2017

Kenneth, Nia and Catie Bush, an Account Exceutive from Sword and Shield, hate when you have a know it all customers, but having the right mind frame can help you combat them.

Kenneth Herring and Nia Haller want to hear your feedback! 

Catie Bush, Sword and Shield Enterprise Security

KFF - No Fish Lassoin'


Episode 41: What up interns?

August 1, 2017

Luke Orren and Nia Haller share how interning this summer with Kenneth has been, the difficulty of balancing a schedule, and offer a little advice to employers.

Kenneth wants your feedback! Write us a review about your favorite love hate moment! 

Luke Orren, Southwestern University

Nia Haller, Maryville College


Episode 40: Why should I (a B2B company) podcast?

July 25, 2017

Kenneth and James Carbary, founder of SweetFish Media, chat about the benefits, challenges and long term value of podcasting for sales people.

Want to be a guest on the show? Message Kenneth here!

James Carbary, founder of SweetFish Media

Knoxville Fun Fact: Touch Screen Technology


Episode 39: Challenge of Sales in Nonprofits

July 18, 2017

Kenneth sits down with Callie Archer and Stephanie Patrick, from Junior Achievement, to explore the challenges they face selling the nonprofit to potential donors. 

Kenneth Herring - aka Mr.#IHateMondays

Callie Archer and Stephanie Patrick want you to come to "The Blind Pig!"

Knoxville Fun Fact: The Real UTK Fight Song